Skin Care

Betnovate 0.1% Active Ingredient: Betamethasone " rel="nofollow">

Betnovate is used to relieve symptoms of psoriasis, eczema, seborrheic dermatitis and other skin conditions.

per tube 6.56£
Cleocin gel Active Ingredient: Clindamycin " rel="nofollow">

Clindamycin is an antibiotic used for treatment of acne vulgaris.

per tube 9.37£
Aldara Active Ingredient: Imiquimod " rel="nofollow">

Aldara is a topical cream used to treat skin conditions such as solar or actinic keratoses, pre-cancerous skin which was induced by... more

per sachet 2.84£
Betadine Active Ingredient: Povidone-iodine " rel="nofollow">

Betadine cream is used for treating minor wounds and infections, as well as killing bacteria.

per tube 6.17£
Brand Contractubex Active Ingredient: Extractum cepae/Heparin/Allantoin " rel="nofollow">

Contractubex is the world’s most popular scar treatment.

per tube 19.29£
Locoid Cream Active Ingredient: Hydrocortisone topical " rel="nofollow">

Locoid cream is used to reduce itching, redness and swelling associated with many skin conditions.

per tube 10.03£
Protopic Active Ingredient: Tacrolimus " rel="nofollow">

Protopic is used to treat atopic dermatitis, commonly known as eczema.

per tube 4.63£
Shield Ointment Active Ingredient: Lidocaine topical/Hydrocortisone " rel="nofollow">

Shied relieves pain and discomfort associated with haemorrhoids.

per tube 7.72£
Synalar Active Ingredient: Fluocinolone topical " rel="nofollow">

Synalar is used to treat a variety of skin conditions.

per tube 4.63£
Ziana gel 1% Active Ingredient: Clindamycin/Tretinoin " rel="nofollow">

Ziana is used to treat acne.

per tube 23.15£
Bactroban gel Active Ingredient: Mupirocin Topicale " rel="nofollow">

Bactroban is used to treat bacterial skin infections such as impetigo.

per tube 7.72£
Salicylic ointment Active Ingredient: Salicylic acid " rel="nofollow">

Salicylic acid is used to treat acne.

per tube 17.86£
Scarend Silicone gel Active Ingredient: Polydimethyl siloxane " rel="nofollow">

Scarend gel is one of the most popular scar treatments.

per tube 35.40£
Retin-A Cream Active Ingredient: Tretinoin " rel="nofollow">

Retin-A is prescribed for acne vulgaris and keratosis pilaris treatment.

per tube 6.17£
Elimite Cream Active Ingredient: Permethrin " rel="nofollow">

Elimite cream is an anti-parasite medication. It is used to treat head lice and scabies.

per tube 4.63£
Accutane Active Ingredient: Isotretinoin " rel="nofollow">

Accutane is designed to treat severe acne.

per pill 0.38£
Retin-A Active Ingredient: Tretinoin " rel="nofollow">

Retin-A is prescribed for acne vulgaris and keratosis pilaris treatment.

per tube 7.18£
Elocon Active Ingredient: Mometasone " rel="nofollow">

Elocon is prescribed for treatment of itching, inflammation of eczema, dermatitis, allergy and others skin inflammations.

per tube 7.72£
Acticin Active Ingredient: Permethrin " rel="nofollow">

Acticin Cream is a scabicide. It works by killing the scabies mite (Sarcoptes scabiei).

per tube 13.11£
Elimite Active Ingredient: Permethrin " rel="nofollow">

Elimite is an anti-parasite medication. It is used to treat head lice and scabies.

per tube 13.25£
Brand Temovate Active Ingredient: Clobetasol " rel="nofollow">

Brand Temovate is a topical for the skin steroid. It reduces the actions of chemicals in the body that cause inflammation, redness,... more

per tube 19.99£

Prednisolone is in a class of drugs called steroids, that include hormones cortisone and hydrocortisone. Prednisolone prevents the... more

per pill 0.17£
Furacin Active Ingredient: Nitrofurazone " rel="nofollow">

Furacin is a topical antibacterial agent which used to treat burns that have become infected. It is used to treat skin infections including... more

per tube 0.87£
Ilosone Active Ingredient: Erythromycin " rel="nofollow">

Ilosone is a macrolide antibiotic. It is effective in treating different types of infections caused by bacteria such as infections... more

per pill 0.13£
Differin Active Ingredient: Adapalene " rel="nofollow">

Differin is a retinoid which is used to treat common forms of acne by reducing the number of acne-blocked oil glands.

per tube 11.70£
Fulvicin Active Ingredient: Gresiofulvin " rel="nofollow">

Fulvicin is used to treat fungal infections of the skin, hair, and nails such as jock itch, athlete's foot, and barber's itch.

per pill 0.52£
Neoral Active Ingredient: Cyclosporine " rel="nofollow">

Neoral is an immunosuppressant which is used to treat psoriasis, rheumatoid arthritis, or to prevent organ rejection after a kidney,... more

per pill 4.56£
Betapace Active Ingredient: Sotalol " rel="nofollow">

Betapace is a beta-blocker which is prescribed for treating atrial fibrillation or atrial flutter and other types of irregular heart... more

per pill 0.40£